How To Tell Cockatiel Gender?

During the early phases of Cocktails, both male and female cocktails look the same.  It’s difficult to tell, if cocktail male or female.  Are you looking for an easy answer to the question, read the full blog.  We are going to discuss : How to tell the gender of Cocktails ( briefly)? Is your Cocktail Male and Female ( detailed)? 

How To Tell The Gender Of Cockatiel?

To know the sex of Cocktails, there is two ways, The first one is,  Physical appearance, males have an orange color spot around ears while females have lighter orange spots. second method is, Behaviour of Cocktails, Males are more cheerful and singing while females are more shy and quiet birds.

The most common methods to know cocktails are mentioned above but these aren’t enough to tell the cocktail’s gender. To tell the sex of cocktails, know more specifically about Male and Females. Here we are going to briefly describe the characteristics of cocktails. How a newborn cocktail is developed into adults,  what changes they go through. 

Physical characteristics and Behavior traits need approximately around 9 months until the cocktail is mature.  If you don’t have enough patience to wait then you can go for DNA test. Sex related genes will tell you either cockatiel is male or female. DNA tests will give the most accurate answer.  Other options are appearance and behaviour don’t work in case of mutation. If you can’t wait that long go for DNA test.

Is Your Cockatiel Male or Female?

In this section, we are going to know what are the major difference between male and Female cockatiel. These dimorphic birds vary in various aspects of look and behavior.

1.Wait till the  bird is adult – These are the only ways to find out the  sex of cocktails without DNA test. Male and female have different physical traits , they differ in number of characters. Two common ones are , the orange patch near the  ears and the second one is tail.

Generally, males have a  grey body with white colors in feathers and orange cheek patches. Males poss  yellow color head. Juvenilee birds also have yellow color around the head, this makes it difficult to recognize male ones from premature cocktail. 

In the case of specific mutations like Silver, Whiteface (completely white cocktail), Lutino, and Pearl cocktails,  it’s difficult to recognize gender.

How To Know Your Cockatiel is Normal Cockatiel?

Now, we know that mutated cocktails have a different physical appearance. To know your cocktail is mutated or not check the standard colour code of cockatiel

  • Grey Color Body
  • Orange Cheeks

In Males and pre mature cockatiel’s, yellow colour head. If your cockatiel doesn’t matches the description,  then you go for behavioral traits to know  sex of cocktails. 

2. Examine the tail closely – Similarly to orange cheek patches, tails do have slightly different features.

Females and all premature birds have strips underside tails. Underside strips are either grey/dark grey or yellow/grey or white/grey. Sometimes there may be a little different pattern on the tail. This can be described as a distinguishing feature.

Males don’t have any such characteristics, they have a normal tail. There is no specific trait to differentiate females from juveniles.

3. Notice face characters –  Orange cheeks stand more in yellow color. Orange standout more in males while in females grey and orange color don’t make such a vibrant impression. 

All the little details give a slight impression either they are male or female. To be sure about your guess please check the behavioral traits below.

4. Observe Body –  Generally, males have darker grey color shades while females have less grey shade. This method is less efficient and does not confirm anything distinctive. Still, you can see color shade to be more sure about your suspicion. While in case of mutation shade color will not confirm anything. It is better to not rely on this method. 

5. Go to the veterinarian – Maybe the veterinarian can help, take a cocktail to the veterinarian. If the veterinarian can identify it would be great. This one is also not a reliable method.

Identifying cockatiel Gender from Behavior

Observe Singing  – Cockatiel can’t talk but they make can mimic certain voices. Specifically, Male cockatiel ‘s love to sing. If you want to confirm your assumptions regarding sex, just notice do cocktail signs or not. On contrary, females are shy they don’t sing and mimic noises like male ones. 

Male cockatiel have a more cheerful and sweet voice. Male cocktails can also whistle, sing melodious songs and also they try to copy sounds around them. Listen and observe their behavior. 

From above, you must have figured out there are only features that help is a color pattern. Similarly,  mutations result in form of body color. Like Pearl cockatiels are named after their pearl pattern on feathers and albino’s are white.. 

The only difference between common Cockatiel and mutated Cockatiel is based on color. The differentiation factor remains the same only there is little difference in Color intensity and shade. Below is the list of common Cockatiel and their gender-identifying features. So, before concluding, first, find out Cockatiel type and then look for gender distinctions.

How To Tell Gender of Cockatiel with Mutations?

  1. Lutino- Lutino is a common mutated breed of the cockatiel. Lutino has a color range from white to light yellow feathers. Lutino has similar habits like singing and dancing like common ones. To know more about species read the full article on cockatiel. Coming to how can you identify the sex of Lutino? Lutino’s gender can be identified by the lighter and darker orange patch. Lutino posses this physical trait which helps to recognize gender. Apart from this,  the female’s quiet behavior is also applicable to this species.
  2. Pearl Cockatiel – Pearl Cocktails are also known as pied cockatiel. Pearl cockatiel or Pied are different in Color, they have mostly grey to light -yellow and the feathers have a white color. Also, they have orange cheek patches. How to know Pearl cockatiel’s gender? Pearl cockatiel have a pearly pattern on feathers.  Male and Female can be distinguished by the head color. Male pearl cocktails have bright yellow-colored heads while females have a grey-colored heads. Also, females have grey or brown spots under their flight feathers and barring on tails. While males don’t have any signs of grey or brown faces spots or even tail. Other Differentiating factors are the same as common ones.
  3. Albino or White-faced cockatiels – Albion is the breeding of two species lutino and white faced cockatiel parrots. Albino has the most beautiful features, a white body with red eyes. The red and white color makes the bird stand out from other mutations of cockatiels. These are attractive, loving birds who need consistent care. How to know the gender of Albino cockatiels? Albino or White-faced cockatiels don’t have colors like yellow or identifying factors like the orange patch. Male and female are distinguished by the greyish and white shades, Male cockatiels have whitish heads while females have a greyish head. 
  4. Dominant silver cockatiels – Dominant silver cockatiels are a very rare mutation. It’s difficult to identify as they have a color range from Albino to Lutino. Double factors are like dirty Lutinos with a caramel wash and dark eyes and dark beak. It’s difficult to know whether your cockatiels dominant sliver cockatiel or not. How to know the gender of Dominant silver cockatiels? In Dominant silver cockatiels, sex determination can be assured by physical appearance. As both have the same physical traits, both look almost the same. Male and females only differ in face and tail, male has a bright face and plain tail, and female has a dull face and barred tails. 
  5. Fallow and cinnamon cockatiels – Fallow and Cinnamon both are difficult to differentiate. Cinnamon has the pale yellow color of head and face has an amalgamation of white and yellow. Fallow and Cinnamon, are dusty brown colored but fallow are more yellow than Cinnamon. Due to so much similarity, we are going to discuss Fallow and Cinnamon together. They both share the same traits. How to know Fallow or cinnamon cockatiel’s gender? In Fallow and cinnamon cockatiels, males have a yellow bright faces with their orange patches while females have a greyish faces with dull patches. The Female’s face does not turn yellow. Also, female birds are quieter than male ones.

Hope this will help you determine the gender of your Cockatiel. To know more information on cockatiel and other pets keep reading Europa Pets.

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