How Long Can Budgies go Without Water?

Budgies ” is the pet name of a green and yellow coloured long-tailed, seed-eating parrot commonly known as a parakeet. No doubt Budgies always tops the pet list, they are the thirds most popular pet in the world. Parakeet’s friendly behaviour made them most lovable among pets. They can be taught to mimic the human voice and can learn simple words to play with you. Budgies are not low maintenance, they need care and regular maintenance. One of the most crucial habits of Budgies is that they go without water for a long time, that’s what we are going to talk about. Along with water habits know in-depth about Budgies in this blog.

Budgies are playful birds, they prefer bathing instead of drinking water.  Owner might have noticed such behaviour, so, it’s important to take proper care of their drinking and eating habits.

How Long Can Budgies Go Without Water?

About 24 hoursBudgies can live without water from 24 hours to 72 hours. Sometimes it can go for even 3 days.

Budgies’ surviving capacity depends on their type of species. Some are more tolerant to dehydration while others need regular water. The most common observation is 24 hours, after 24 hours budgies start to feel health issues (they will become weak and may catch some disease). Owners barely see budgies drinking, if you ever noticed budgies not drinking then don’t panic. Budgies don’t need water too much, they take few sips and they are done.

Budgies are dessert birds. Just because budgies can go long without food and water this doesn’t mean you should avoid regularly feeding. As an owner, it’s your responsibility to take care of their eating habits. Like every other bird, they need water and food 24 hours a day, never let budgies without water or food.

Before deciding your pet’s capacity, spend some time with them, know more about budgies, consult a vet for expert advice, and also read more about budgies behaviour.

Why Do Budgies Drink Less Water? 

The body structure and survival adaptations are the reason behind less water intake for budgies. These reasons includes to survive in the scorching heat, to fly more easily, or to keep alive themselves in a natural calamity. 

The small size of budgies is a reasonable argument for less water consumption. They are even smaller than other parrot species. The small body needs less water consumption and hence it’s easy for them to survive. Budgies weigh around 25 -39 grams, physical anatomy justifies their water intake. Physical anatomy plays an important in the eating & drinking habits of budgies. 

Another most logical reasons is “survival”. Budgies adapted to survive in extreme conditions. Pet budgies don’t need to search for food and water but wild ones need all the survival powers.

Besides, birds don’t lose water as many other animals. Commonly, they lose water through respiration and excretion. They don’t have a complex sweating system that prevents a lot of water loss. Water loose is less thus requirement is less, even in the small amount they are active. 

How Much Water Budgies Need?

Budgies need comparatively less water, but “how much water they need is still questions”. Let’s take a look at how often and how much water budgie needs.

A teaspoon full of water in a day! 

Budgies are small creatures they need around one teaspoon of water in a whole day. They will take two sips three times a day or some budgies prefer drinking all at once. How much and how often they drink depends. One prefers drinking all at once while the other needs 2-3 times a day. Notice your budgie’s behaviour and eventually, you will know all about budgies.

In more scientific terms they need about 5 percent of their body weight, as we mentioned earlier they weigh in grams. It’s obvious they require less water. Budgies’ needs and requirements may differ from the estimated figure mentioned here. Sometimes variations may occur due to climate changes, like during summer they may require more water while water requirement is usual in other seasons. We can’t ignore the atmospheric effects and the activity level of budgies. So, answering how much water they need depends on multiple factors. Try to observe obnoxious behaviour and you will know the requirement of a budgie.

How To Ensure Budgies Get The Right Amount of Water?

Its important to decide the right water drinking schedule for your budgie. Here is a list of things you can do to Ensure Budgies Get the Right Amount of Water

  • DIY Water Cane– The owner often sees budgies bathing in drinking water. To avoid such conflict, make sure you have a different cane for drinking water and a different one for bathing. To promulgate budgies to drink, you makeover water cane. Use art and craft skills to make aesthetic water cane. Just google “DIY water cane”, and you will find some beautiful water cane ideas.
  • Give Fresh Water Daily– Budgies are more sensitive about water taste,  so make sure you are giving them fresh water. Not only for taste but budgies’ health, always give them fresh water. It’s your responsibility to give take care of budgies, make sure budgie get what is needed.
  • DIY Separate Bathtub– Like drinking cane make the bathing tub. As they have a different one for bathing it be easy for budgies. The DIY bathtub has a wide range of the decorative idea. A small simple vintage stool step-up is one of the easiest bathtub ideas. There is a possibility of buddies getting bored in a cage, decorating a cage will be a great step for birds. This will keep you and your bird happy. So, what you are thinking, go and make a handmade beautiful cage.
  • Keep a Record of Water Intake– For the common man giving whole attention to budgies is difficult but if you can take a record of budgies’ water intake make sure you do. Keep a record of budgies’ intake. Keep a record and make sure you visit the vet. The best way to ensure your budgie is alright is to consult a vet. They will tell you “how to take care of budgie”.
  • Give them Fresh Veggies– Wild budgies have access to a variety of seeds, berries, fruits, and vegetation but in the case of pet budgies, they get what owners give them. To ensure variety in food, first, make a list of what budgies love to eat. Like Budgies eats a wide range of fruits like banana, apples, strawberries, grapes, blueberry, pear, oranges, peaches, raisins, mango, melon cherries, and kiwis. You can add fruits in diet plan. second, find out what they don’t like, e.g. Apple seeds, Avocado, Beans and Aubergine are toxic to budgies. Along with these man-made biscuits,  Cheese and Chocolate are not good for budgie’s health. Third, plan alternative seeds and veggies. Make sure they have variety in taste as well as nutrition. And avoid food materials that are toxic to budgies. A balanced diet includes food as well as water, it’s important to address food when talking about water intake.
  • Notice Increase and Decrease in Water Intake– We have talked enough about how fewer budgies drink. Sometimes they start drinking too much water. Symptoms like these may be indications of sickness or infection. Or the reason for a sudden increase in water intake maybe pregnancy. If you ever notice such behaviour then immediately consult a vet. Behaviour change is an indication of disease, keep sharp eye on how budgie behave. This will save from major threats like you will know when budgie is being lazy and when he needs medical assistance.

One thing about Budgies that impress me the most is that they have variety in colours with scalloped markings on the nape, back, and wings. Budgies are beautiful and playing with them is stress-relieving. If you are planning to buy one of them read our other blogs on Budgies.

You will get to know everything about budgies from eating to sleeping habits. How to take care of them and all the stuff related to Budgies.

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