Do Birds Get Bored In Cage?

“Do birds get bored in Cage ?” or “Is it cruel to keep a Bird in Cage?” as a pet owner you must have heard these arguments. When you tell people you have a bird they start to bring questions like these. As an owner, you should know about bird’s boredom and their mood swings. So, Let’s find out.

Yes, birds get bored in Cage. Making them sit for 24 hours a day will bore them. Also, birds are intelligent and social creatures which makes them feel alone. Aloofness drives them aggressive, neurotic, and self-destructive. The caged bird may show signs and symptoms of anxiety-like pulling out wings in large numbers. So, yeah, birds get bored in Cage. The more intelligent the bird, the more likely chance of getting bored.

Birds get bored, this doesn’t mean you should avoid birds as a pet. The journey of a responsible owner includes taking care, of bathing, playing, and keeping them entertained. Without a doubt owner can make sure the pet doesn’t get and here we are sharing :

How to Know Bird is Bored?

Birds get bored, excited, angry, anxious, and also lonely. Birds express their emotions through certain actions like singing, talking, not eating, or too much eating, this behavior varies from bird to bird. All you need to do is spend time with your bird and his/her habits.

Enthusiastic birds Sing, talk, and whistle to express their excitement. A cheerful bird makes the best pet. When birds get sick they appear Dull, unfocused, Swollen eyes, and lazy. We determine bird’s moods by action, similarly, birds also feel grief and sadness. When birds are they do certain actions that show their sadness. Check out the below list to know bird’s behavior when they are. bored.

Chattering – Biting – Humans bit their nails when they in stress or anxious, this same thing applies to birds. The general idea of biting a nail is a sign of aggression but sometimes this may be an indication of stress or boredom. Boredom makes birds do things like biting nails. Keep an eye on when the bird is behaving like this. Biting is a sign of discomfort and uneasy behavior.

Screaming – Singing birds are melodious but the screaming bird is annoying. The loudness of birds depends on species. If you ever noticed a sudden increase in screaming, then immediately consult vet. Screaming indicates two things, either is in suffering some health issues or they are stressed or bored. Initially, free them or try to make birds happy. If this doesn’t work consult the vet before the bird gets worse.

Decreased vocalization – Like dancing, singing, and talking is the sign of happiness, similarly, a decrease in vocalization is the sign of sadness. Birds being lazy and inactive, indicates either they are bored. Now it’s yours to cheer your friend. Give them some time, talk to them. Try little things to keep them entertained.

Feather picking – This one is the most common and dangerous. As mentioned earlier, birds start to pull their feathers. When the bird is hurting herself then it’s high time to do something that would make the bird feel loved.

How to Prevent Boredom in Birds?

We have discussed, how birds react when they are bored. We know the problem, read below to know how you can make birds feel better. Follow these small steps to make them happy and cheerful. Here are 10 Ways To prevent Boredom

Birds get bored, now the question is ” Is there a way to make things better “. When birds are given proper attention and time they feel loved. Giving someone makes them happy. Attention is one of the methods, there is number of practice you can do make feel bird loved. Here is list of 10 Ways to Avoid Boredom of Birds :

1) Play with your bird – Birds like parrots love to imitate human voices and play with humans. Parrots are never considered good pets because of the enroumous amount of attention they need but the owner needs to ensure the mental health of the bird. For the better health of parrots, you should take care of their playtime and entertainment. The only way to keep birds happy and healthy is to spend time with them. Learn new tricks and social skills and teach your birds that suit them.

2) Hold Your Bird Regularly – Ever hugged someone when your feeling excited, happy, sad, or trying to comfort. Hugs make you feel comfortable in all the chaos. Holding birds work the same way for birds. They need to feel loved and cared for, holding a bird every day will create a bond between you and the bird. This increases social interaction of birds and also liberate bird from cage for some time. Along with food, water keeps the record of playtime to maintain a healthy bird.

3) Teach Your Bird Some Cool Tricks – During Playtime tries to teach some tricks to your birds like teaching them to play with a stick or some new toy. Wanna know the best trick for the bird, here is list of thing:

  • Waving
  • Take a bow
  • Teaching them to step up
  • To turn Around
  • To stretch wings
  • Teaching them to wave

Waving – Bird saying “Bye” when you are leaving is most coolest thing ever.

4) Sitting on your Shoulder – Birds sitting on shoulder can be considered as one of the best thing for owner.  Make bird comfortable enough so that bird can easily move to your finger and shoulder.  Teach bird to sit on shoulder after command. 

5)Dancing – Dancing most fun way to make bird happy. Play some dancing song and try to teach some  moves. It depends on parrot it responds or not . If you are teaching them in initial days dancing is best exercise to have a healthy bond. These Small tricks to keep bird engaged are step, you must try these to with pet and have a playful bond with them.

6)Variety Of Food Options  – Birds eat variety of seed,  worms and vegetable. Try to find your birds favourite food. 

Finches, Parakeets, Cockatiels and other birds have specific choice and tastes.  Give them their favourite food as bonus and keep the surprise ready . Use seed mix and other combinations to keep up the excitement of birds.

7)Different Toys  –  There are time when you are not available for pet it’s difficult for bird to keep themselves entertained.  The best solution to this is give bird toys.  Search for bird toy and you will get variety of beads, , nuts, bells , mirrors, or can be filled with food, treats or things to chew on like wood pieces . So,  toys are important part of keeping bird enthusiastic. 

8)Space –  Space is play major role, big cage allows them to have more space for toys and food.  Space and getting bored don’t have direct connection but  clean and healthy environment adds socre. Proper spacing is going make sure bird is not having trouble while adjusting in Cage. 

9)Let your bird out of the cage every day – Keeping Bird out cage can work like miraculously.  Birds have access to the outside environment and they will feel fresh. Ensure the birds are roaming in a safe area and are accessible to you.  Allow bird to outside every day or even a weekly walk is also a good idea. 

When we are talking about space and cage,  another point to be noted is Keeping the cage clean.  Regular cleaning is required or you can  do alternate days. A clean environment is just a little gesture that shows you a good pet keeper. 

10 )  Bring Companion for Bird –  Bring some other birds so that bird can play with the bird.  If you can take care of two birds then you should buy another one but I’d look for some other pet bird whom you can bring for few hours.  Finding another bird is difficult but it can somehow arrange. This will keep birds engaged and of course more loved. 

Birds include flows, parrots, budgies and other birds most common among is Parrot.   Parrots are popular among bird pets but parrots aren’t easygoing. They are high maintenance,  parrot need proper care and attention. They need something to get over boredom.  Owners need to take good care of Parrot. The best way to deal with bird care is by spending time with them.  Hope this will help you in taking good care of bird.  To know more about birds and other pets follow us.

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