Can Parrots Eat Chilli? Is It Safe to Feed Chilli to Parrots?

can parrots eat chilli

You must have seen in many movie scenes that a green parrot is eating a red chilli.  Even if you ask a random person about what a parrot eats then the answer will be Red chilli. The favorite food of parrots are seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. But what parrots adore are chillies. Your pet parrot’s diet is important for a happy and good mood. Eating the same food daily can be a bit boring and it’s your responsibility to pamper your parrot with some spicy and fun food.

Your pet parrot will adore eating seeds of chilli. They like eating red chilli and it is healthy for them. I know you must be wondering that why parrots don’t feel the heat of red chilli? or How chillies are healthy for parrots?

Just read along and you’ll get the answers to all your questions..

Why do parrots eat chillies?

Spicy food is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people handle spicy food and eat it very well but some do not. Adding spices to your food makes it a lot more fun. And if you are someone who loves eating spices and chillies then you should pet a parrot. You both will make a good couple.

Parrots love eating fresh chillies and it’s a healthy treat for them. They eat the seeds of chillies and enjoy it a lot. It also has healthy benefits as chillies are rich in Vitamin A that helps your pet parrot in the growth and repair of tissues. It is also good for eyesight and hearing. Undoubtedly red chillies are a tasty and healthy food option for your pet parrot.

Most pet owners feed their pet parrots red chillies because of their multiple benefits.

Firstly, chillies are good for your pet parrot’s eyesight and hearing. The most prominent element of red chilli is Capsaicin that has anti-bacterial and anti-cancer properties. It has anti-diabetic properties, increases blood flow, and reduces cholesterol levels.

Chillies help in digestion and have an excessive amount of vitamin C. It contains a high level of minerals like potassium, manganese, iron, and magnesium. Eating chillies also improves your pet parrot’s feather quality, color, and shine.

Isn’t it amazing that one red chilli which can burn your mouth has so many medical benefits?

You can serve your pet parrot chillies of different forms and colors. But don’t give only chillies to your bird. An excessive amount can also become harmful to your parrot’s health. So, it’s better to feed chillies occasionally in small amounts. Make sure your parrot doesn’t get addicted to spices. Hot chillies should serve as only treats to make your bird’s food tasty. 

Why do parrots don’t feel the burning sensation after eating chillies?

I know you must have tried feeding your pet parrot spicy chillies expecting that they will spit it out. But to your surprise they like it. Unlike humans, parrots don’t react to spice because the element which is ‘’spicy’’ to humans does not affect parrots.

Parrots do not have enough taste buds that can feel the heat of chillies. Their sensory system is not that much active as humans and hence they do not feel the burning sensation of hot chillies. Parrots do not have a good sense of taste or we can say that they have a limited number of taste buds that disable them from feeling any hot sensation. So, if they had the same taste buds as us, they won’t able to take all the nutrients they get from eating peppers or chillies.

Even the tastiest food can become bald if served continuously in the same manner. To make your parrot excited about the food you feed it with different kinds of chillies. The most common chillies for parrots are cayenne pepper, chilli powder, and paprika.

Different Types of Chillies Your Pet Parrot Can Eat Are Habanero Chillies, Dry Chillies, Cayenne Pepper, Paprika, Etc.

Cayenne pepper is a mixture of ground mixed chillies. You can buy a sprinkler from the market and fill it with cayenne powder. Sprinkle it on your pet parrot’s food to make it tasty.

Pure chilli powder can be prepared at home by making a blend of mixed chilli. If you purchase it from market then read prescription for any added salt, pepper, cumin, garlic or oregano. Beware of it! 

Paprika is prepared from one particular variety of chilli, and has a distinctive taste because of the smoking process it was prepared from.

Spices and chillies good for your pet parrot

Parsley: It is a preventive herb that is high in Vitamin B and potassium. It is rich in iron, chlorophyll, Vitamin A and C.

Chilli Flakes: Parrots like chilli flakes a lot. It helps in digestion and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent that aids in controlling pain.

Ginger powder: Most loved by parrots has anti-bacterial properties and is an effective cleansing agent for the digestive system.

Today there are different kinds of chilli peppers are available in the market but not all are of good quality. Some have added preservatives, salts, garlic, etc. You should serve your pet parrot organic red or green chilli or you can make powder and sprinkle it on unfamiliar foods. 

How chillies are helpful in parrot training?

Chillies are like chocolates to parrots. Just like we seduce a child by giving a bar of chocolate, parrots start talking when they see chillies. It is considered a good choice to use chillies for your parrot training. Your pet parrot will respond quickly to your action and will learn things faster. Many pet owners want their pet parrots to speak and for that, they train them. The trick is your parrot will crave more chillies and you can make it speak words or phrases you want.

For example, if you want your pet parrot to speak English then try enticing it with a bowl of red chillies. You repeat the words in front of your pet and then keep pushing the bowl frontward and backwards. This not only works with parrots but is a wonderful trick with other animals also.

Try and test different chillies to know which one your parrot craves. 

Can parrots eat Jalapeños?

This one is special and old which people have been eating with their food for ages. Although it looks more like a green chilli but is a lot spicier and hotter than a red chilli. Jalapeños is the favorite chilli of parrots: spicy and yummy.

You can feed your parrot fresh whole Jalapeños. Parrots also eat seeds of Jalapeños and they are safe to eat. It comes in other forms also like canned, slice, or pickled. Pet owners choose to serve dried Jalapeños to their parrots, best served fresh so that parrot can take all the nutrients.

This vegetable also has many health benefits, disease preventing properties. It contains high levels of flavonoids, Vitamin A, beta carotene, and have many of the B-complex group of vitamins. It is rich in capsaicin that makes it anti-bacterial, anti-cancer, and anti-diabetic.

The presence of capsaicin in Jalapeños makes it hard for human consumption as they cannot tolerate the spice. It aids in digestion and improves blood circulation in parrots.

You might be thinking that Jalapeños is really the best pepper to include in your pet parrot’s diet. Well, it’s true but it also has some risks. You should not give your parrot Jalapeños on daily basis but only as treats or else, it can disturb the digestive system.

Are bell peppers healthy for your pet parrot?

Oh yes! Bell pepper is a healthy snack for your pet parrot. It is loaded with nutrients and is rich in Vitamin C and low sugar.  Vitamin C is an essential nutrient and it is not naturally produced in your pet parrot’s body. Thus, the presence of Vitamin C in your bird’s diet is important to make it healthy.

It reduces the chances of diseases like obesity. With its different colors red, yellow, green, and orange it excites your parrot’s hunger. Bell peppers also contain a high amount of potassium, folic acid, and fiber. It aids in digestion and keeps your pet parrot’s digestive tract smooth.

Parrots love eating the seed of bell pepper but some feel shy. So, you can try giving the membrane also. It should be given to your parrot in raw form. Raw peppers are high in nutrition and has low caloric value. Bell pepper is an excellent addition to your pet parrot’s diet because it has not only vitamins and fiber but your parrot will also eat it whole heartedly. 

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Can African Grey eat chillies? Some can eat but some don’t like the taste. It depends on your pet’s mood. You can try fetching some green chillies but don’t force it.

Can parrots eat potato chips? Potato chip is a snack that you can give to your parrot as a treat. 

Can parrots eat green pepper seeds? Yes, they can eat green pepper seeds. It is completely safe to feed your parrot the membrane and seeds.

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