7 Fun Facts About French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is the fourth most popular pet dog in the United States. Frenchies unique looks and amiable demeanor make them easy to adore. They don’t require a lot of room or activity, making them ideal pets for people with limited space or who live in apartments. They adjust nicely to live with other adults and children, as well as other pets. Isn’t it cool!

french bulldog facts

In this post, we will tell you the 7 interesting facts about the French bulldog.

1. French bulldogs aren’t French!

The French Bulldog is a dog breed that originated in England. The Frenchie was developed as a smaller version of the English Bulldog and quickly became a favorite of English lacemakers. Lace manufacturers carried these tiny and feisty canine friends with them when they relocated to Paris. They soon drew the attention of the French upper crust, who couldn’t be seen without one of these prized beauties in their arms.

2. They’re not fans of hot weather

French Bulldogs have difficulties controlling body temperature in hot and humid climates since they are brachycephalic breeds. As a result, it’s best to keep them in air-conditioned rooms throughout the day and out of direct sunlight.

3. They reproduce through artificial insemination

Due to its body shape, it is difficult for a male French Bulldog to mount on a female. Artificial insemination is the most common method of reproduction for French Bulldogs. Furthermore, due to their tiny hips, female French Bulldogs generally give birth through Cesarean section. Otherwise, the mother’s life would be jeopardized if the baby were caught in the cervix (the opening of the womb).

4. They can’t swim

French bulldogs are unable to swim due to their squat body and bulbous head. Bulldogs are unable to swim for a variety of reasons, including their weight and brachycephaly. They must tilt up their faces higher to stay out of the water due to their small snouts. They have a harder time remaining afloat since they’re slanted up.

5. They have two styles of ears

French Bulldogs, like English Bulldogs, used to have rose-shaped ears. American breeders, on the other hand, favored French Bulldogs with bat-like ears. Breeders in the United States have struggled for years to promote French Bulldogs with bat-shaped ears. The French Bulldog breed has completely abandoned rose-shaped ears nowadays.

6. On the Titanic, there was a French Bulldog.

On the Titanic, about twelve dogs made the voyage from England. Unfortunately, only three of these canines made it out alive, and the small French bulldog was not one of them. Gamin de Pycombe, a French bulldog, was a recorded passenger aboard the fatal ship. Although he did not make it through the voyage, his owner did.

7. Celebrities love French bulldogs, and Hollywood is no exception!

These cute puppies are all over the internet, and they frequently feature on TV and in movies. Many celebrities, including Carrie Fisher, Dwayne Johnson, Hilary Duff, Leonardo DiCaprio, Reese Witherspoon, Lady Gaga, and others, own French bulldogs.

These dogs can find a home in anyone’s heart!

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